Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba Candella

Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba Candella

Great taste, nice buzz, well-priced. Kuba Kuba Candella lives up to Drew Estate’s reputation of creating outstanding Nicaraguan cigars since 1998. But how does Kuba Kuba Candella differ from the original Kuba Kuba? All the difference lies in its leafy, green exterior.

From humble beginnings and against all odds, Drew Estate has become one of the most successful cigar manufacturers in Nicaragua. Founded by Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel, the duo started out in a small 16 square foot kiosk located in NYC and the strength of their vision saw them eventually move to Nicaragua and the rest is history. Determination and hard-work gave rise to consistently high-quality cigars; the acid-infused Kuba Kuba Candella is no exception.

Wrapped in an attractive green, unripened Candella Leaf, the Kuba Kuba Candella is as beautiful as it is sweet. Seasoned veterans will know that the Candella wrapper has been around for a while and was once highly popular. These days the Candella leaf is a much rarer sight, but works wonderfully on the Kuba Kuba, providing a nostalgic twist on one of the most popular cigars in the world. The Candella wraps around a delicious blend of a tried-and-true combination of essential oils, natural herbs, as well as the well-guarded secret formula that characterizes the acid line. Medium-to-strong bodied, the smoke is perfect for those who want something strong, pleasant, and remarkable.

Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba Candella 5 x 54 Single

Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba Candella 5 x 54 24 Count Box


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