3Js In-House Hand Rolled Connecticut Shade Toro and Cameroon Torpedo

3Js In-House Hand Rolled Connecticut Shade Toro and Cameroon Torpedo

If we told you who crafted our In-House cigars for 3Js Cigar Emporium, we’d have to kill you. No, really. Not kidding. These handmade beauties are made by the top manufacturers of cigars in the world and our retail stores have the distinct privilege of being the only cigar retailing outlet that sells them. In this taste testing, we smoked the Connecticut Shade Toro (6 x 60) and the Cameroon Torpedo (6 x 50) and both cigars provided an excellent smoking experience. The 3Js In-House Connecticut Shade Toro is a well-crafted cigar with a good burn and flakey ash. It is hand rolled in the Dominican Republic with a Connecticut shade wrapper and Dominican binder and filler. It’s a smooth and creamy smoke with hints of cinnamon and cedar at its finish. This smoke is crafted to satisfy with every puff.

The 3Js In-House Cameroon Torpedo was also another excellent smoking experience. It burned well with a nice, healthy ash which only solidifies its well-crafted pedigree. The Cameroon wrapper, along with Nicaraguan binder and filler, provides a rich and textured smoking experience. It is a medium smoke that has a bold complexity right down to the end. A flavor profile including cocoa and hints of peppery spice, but in no way overpowering. This smoke will please even the most developed palates.

Both of these cigars were smoked right down to the nub – a rare testament to their satisfying goodness. You can pick up these delectable stogies only at 3Js Cigar Emporium in single sticks or bundles. Ask one of our Cigar Specialists to break one out for your smoking pleasure. You won’t be let down.

Roma Craft Cranium Gran Toro

This superb stick produced by Roma Craft Tobac is quickly becoming a 3Js VIP Membership favorite. The Cranium is a 6 x 54 Gran Toro full flavored smoke that trips fantastic. The cigar is a handmade masterpiece with an excellent draw and construction. As you smoke this cherished stogie, indications of caramel and hazelnut cross the palate and end with a smooth spicy finish. The Cranium has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with a delicious Cameroon binder and Nicaraguan filler. The Habano Ecuadorian wrapper and Cameroon binder provide a powerful punch of flavor throughout the smoke. This is one cigar that you can’t say anything but WOW! Light me up another! The Cranium comes in boxes of 24 for your smoking pleasure or grab a stick or two to fully fall in love. Ask any of our Cigar Specialists at 3Js to recommend a tasty pairing of one of our craft beers and spend the afternoon or evening luxuriating in our comfy lounge. The Cranium is cigar heaven at 3Js Cigar Emporium.

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